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Al Davis by Ben Gore.

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By Lucas

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Me last night by RCL

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Addy and I share a v dog at Otto’s.

Anonymous asked: what happened to all the nipples

Damn, long term follower whattup! Hella throwback, I’ll work in that but lately I’ve been more booty than nips.

Anonymous asked: how does one donate to the "butt pics plz" fund?

I mean, I didn’t have anything to do with the founding of this and how the hell do anons locate each other anyway, but if y’all want access to my paypal hahahahaha

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crop top wop top

or imo sexy bad girl sandy from the end of grease

from one of my favorite ladies!!!!!!!!

hahahahahahaha thank you Raine!


yo anon! ^^^ bgd

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Anonymous asked: hey! sorry if you've already answered this, but i was just wondering wear you get your pants? (high wasted black ones?) u r a great style inspo ! ! ! ty for existing ! ! !

Awww you are so sweet!! Thank you! Who are you!? Idk if I’ve ever posted a pic of me wearing pants on my blog actually haha so I must know you in rl?? besides witch gang hmmmm well anyway, bdg or Levis! mid rise pants will straight up not cover my bum :/ and low rise hahahahaha whatta joke

Anonymous asked: the fund is up to $7.33!

Hahahahaha what video games do you play?


andromeda, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2013

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Star Bar pt 2

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