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Yo everybody

Time to wake up Billie Joe Armstrong



 anna verlet shelton || Portland 

easily my favorite Portland photo set I’ve ever seen on tumb

Missin u

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David Loman ~ “Blowfly”, 1984  (uncredited cover art)

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do you ever pee and look and you’re just like “omg body i am so sorry i will treat you better i swear”

Cayenne mocha w hemp milk, adderall, thigh highs and spreadsheets

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There’s a pajama themed rager across the street from my duplex and it got busted by three SPD cars and one cop SUV and someone’s puking in my bushes 😣 uuuahhhhh I’ve been reading and coding variables for extremism homicides for literally the last eleven hours

Women’s restroom at the Twilight Exit, Seattle WA


Hillbilly Jeans advertisement, 1973.

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Going on a run around Green Lake ft. new (used) sporty skort and 3 sports bras