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A small tribute to Budapest and it’s bars.



Where the FUCK did she get those panties

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Yo I drew this

Also ya girl joined the iPhone club so I’m snapchatable (mleaugust) and gottan Instagram (kid.city) !!!!!! My flight’s delayed so send anons ? pleasee

I’m out! En route to Budapest


missin u 


mutantfunnies: Slurricane: I Love Basketball For Two Reasons by Will Laren

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if you didn’t leave a handprint on the booty then did you really smack it

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Anonymous asked: so who are you bumping pretty fucking adorables with these days?

if you knew me you’d know

Anonymous asked: Doritos are def not vegan

chili flavor is but thanks for the troll ololin 

doritos and oreos are vegan

where I be in a couple days :O

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