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Anonymous asked: how much longer are you planning on living in seattle? do you like the city? do you like your college? :)

Seattle’s chillo. The city is dynamic and fascinating - there are higher highs and lower lows than PDX because it’s so much bigger, but WA is making some political changes that will be very interesting to witness the repercussions. Rent is 1 million dollars though, which bites. I’ll live here until I get accepted to a PhD program and move accordingly. I used to resent the school and city but these days I’ve got 0 complaints; I have a job and a boo and go running and hiking and swimming in lakes and do yoga and I just brought my car up here so the mountains are much more accessible! I live in a dope duplex that’s super central and the garbage people go around and pick up everything from the ally so I don’t even have to bring it to the curb. As for the school, it’s ight. I spent the first two years really wanting to transfer and the last two really wanting to graduate, but there’s something that can be gained (resilience) from attending an institution that you have qualms with. But it’s chill, I write the advice column and get paid about it. I’m even getting good grades despite the TBI but definitely get frustrated and study more than I should during the academic year, esp. with lab sciences. 


Dating me means peep shows at the grocery store. Always.

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3 of 12: “frustration”

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Anonymous asked: what is up with creep ass anons sheesh

Eh it lowkey takes a lot to creep me out - I find the flattery in it and my curiosity is too strong to take the time to be creeped. It’s harmless!

I went backpacking in the Olympic Peninsula. 

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Anonymous asked: hey. It's 4am and I am laying here thinking about you. No matter where I am or who I'm with or what I'm doing, in my most solitary I always come back to you. Why is that? I've known you for a long time but never well. When i think of you I think of looking deep into your beautiful eyes and how all I've ever wanted to do was wrap an arm around your waist and lean in for a kiss. I think you're incredibly sexy and intelligent and the chillr. As I'm writing this... Sorta sounds like I love you. lol

Oh holy hell okay, this is absurd to read! You flatter me greatly and my curiosity is up the fucking wall. We don’t know each other well but you love me? You confuse me bb but that’s awesome that I’m the chillr !! you’re chillr too! thank you! p.s. glad that all ends with an lol, lol p.p.s can’t look back in ur eyes cause you got them shades on

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turns out I happen to work with the only other human I’ve ever met who also has a giant squid tattoo. 

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any big bootied women out there know where the f to get one piece swimsuits that fit the bum >:|

by Tera Welch 

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"hey Emily, if you google search your full name pictures of you come up" - my supervisor