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Manhattan by me

I saw this in a newspaper in Germany and still don’t understand.


Halloween card (via)

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Anonymous asked: Ootd?

dun mean to look so grumpy. this is a fun anon!



lol @ when you’re not asleep long enough for your hair or toothbrush to dry

This is the second show I’ve soloed within the last seven days, but that’s kinda my style.


The Growlers show poster by Alex DeSpain

Hey! I’m on my way to see them now! 

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Mt Everest phone case and my super spooky scorpion pumpkin. I shoulda taken one where you could see my cute collar and dress! Anyway, about to take a 120+ question timed anatomy practical.

I’m smitten.


Police Pleasantly Surprised To Learn Man They Shot Was Armed


Walter Pfeiffer

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